Lamb Weston

About Lamb Weston

When most people look at a potato, they see just a potato. But when we look at a potato, we see possibilities. As a company, Lamb Weston has taken the ordinary and turned it into opportunity from the very beginning. For more than 60 years, Lamb Weston has led the industry in innovation, introducing inventive products that simplify back-of-house management for our customer and make things more delicious for their customers. Lamb Weston is headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, with manufacturing operations focused in the Pacific Northwest, primarily in the world’s best potato-growing region, the Columbia River Basin. We employ more than 7,000 potato experts around the world in sales offices, manufacturing plants, and corporate offices.


Raw Product Coordinator

July 2019 Connell, WA
“I really enjoyed the many hours of over time I was able to get.”

Validation Assistant

June 2019 - August 2019 Richland, WA
“I loved the area; the Tri-Cities is a fantastic place! I also enjoyed the working conditions, and my coworkers - all fabulous people. It was awesome learning more about the potato, and how it is processed into a french fry, along with all of the variables that go into it. It was great learning more about the food industry, and Lamb's vision.”
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